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Co-Working from Home - Benefits & Disadvantages

The thought of working from home…..What emotions does it bring?

This was a dream many of us wished we could make come true. Whether we wished it or not, it did come true for most of us last year due to the pandemic. Now a year later, does it still have its appeal, or do we feel like we can’t wait to go back to the workplace and leave all the home distractions at home. How do we continue to balance the two?

I believe most of us have gotten used to working from home by now and enjoy all the benefits that come with it: no more commute, flexible work schedule, being more productive (or not), spending more time with your family, and more.

On the other hand, there are many of us that have realized that work from home, even though great some days, is not really for us full time. We need the buzz of the office, we like being able to just get up and go discuss the issue at hand with your coworker or a team member. Maybe we feel we need fewer distractions because those dishes in the sink are not gonna wash themselves or that lawn is not going to mow itself. All these little distractions are getting at us and not letting us fully focus and commit ourselves to a task at hand. Ohh, and the best ones are our kids that are going to school at home too. You are on a video call with your team or even worse with your client and in the background your little toddler is running around taking their clothes off while throwing a tantrum, or they’re having a tug of war, fighting over a doll they both want to have at that moment while other THREE, exactly the same ones, are sitting in the corner. We’ve all been in a similar situation in the last year, so we all understand each other and pretend we didn’t see or hear anything. Thank you for that! Speaking from experience, my husband works from home and I’ve been one of those spouses that runs after a disgruntled child and drags them out of the picture before they’ve done something more embarrassing.

As far as my profession, I work on blending the two, work and kids play. As a Fandory Factory co-founder, my goal is to provide professional office space with networking opportunities for parents and fun space for their kids. Space where work and family life are a bit more in sync and manageable. Reason why me and my sister created Fandory Factory is to offer a space to other work from home parents like myself, where they can go and get work done while their kids are near by enjoying themselves.

Coworking from home in the last year has not been the usual/normal work from home experience for most of us. With kids going to school at home and spouses coworking from home as well, it hasn’t been easy. While it might have been great for some, for others of us we can’t wait to get out of the robe, put our pants on and get back to the office.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my piece. I know you don’t have much leisure time and many things and people are competing for a minute of your time. If you would like to share your funny zoom or just funny kids’ conversations you’ve had in the past year while stuck at home, please send them my way. I would love to share them anonymously with our community of moms and dads for some laughs and show them that they’re not alone in this. You can reach me at

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